Urban exploration#1 Denmark

hey if you liked the video so plees give a like 🙂 Fuente – Source Urban exploration#1 Denmark EN.- Urban […]

Urbex Polska Rewind 2015

Dziękujemy Wam wszystkim i każdemu z osobna za rosnące wsparcie – to był dla nas rok pełen pobitych rekordów osobistych, […]

Urbex – Abandoned labs

czech republic // song : Kriptic Minds – The Talisman Fuente – Source Urbex – Abandoned labs EN.- Urban exploration […]

lieu abandonnè Luxembourg

Fuente – Source lieu abandonnè Luxembourg EN.- Urban exploration is usually about exploring areas away from urban centers, industrial zones, […]

[Urbex Italia] the exploration

Alla scoperta del mistero i nuovi appuntamenti da non perdere! COMING SOON film by Fabio Mascia produzione (Lukvisionfilm) © Luvisionfilm […]

Let's Travel To – Bulgaria

Exploring Bulgaria (HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED). Feel free to Share the video with your family & Friends. Thumbs UP if you liked […]