urbex tutorial

This video is not meant to offend anyone and is allowable under Australian “parody law” 1:35; 4:38; 5:40 Fuente – […]


CASTILLO DE SÁDABA Sádaba, Zaragoza, España Audio: Castles – Luna May #OnePuebloAtATime Fuente – Source CASTILLO DE SADABA La exploración […]

The Iniskea Island Mysteries?

The Iniskea Islands are among the most remote places in Ireland. Although deserted today, throughout the 19th century the lives […]

Explore Nicosia, Cyprus

Exclusively produced for MyCyprusTravel, Kristy Agapiou explores Cyprus and highlights special attractions throughout the island. This 5 minute video features […]

UFO Vessel, Bulgaria HD

They offer you aonce in a lifetime sea experience on board of the exquisite U.F.O. glass-bottom high-speed motor boat on […]