Lost Place C. | DJI Mavic Air

Dies ist ein Lost Place mitten in Deutschland. Aufgenommen mit einer DJI Mavic Air. Besucht mich gern auch hier: Website […]

Poltergeist House, Voodoo and Black Magic

Poltergeist House, #Abandonedplacesintheuk, #Abandoneduk, #exploringabandonedplacesinuk, Poltergeist house, Manchester England, seen some brilliant … Fuente – Source Poltergeist House, Voodoo and […]

The Creek Cave

Today we travel to the southern highlands area of New South Wales Australia. Where we discover an amazing creek walk […]

Abandoned Glass Factory Explore

The plant was established in 1922. During the 1960s and 1970s, The company opened plants in several countries including Argentina, […]