Abandoned Seminary

St. Peter’s Seminary is a disused Roman Catholic seminary near Cardross, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Designed by the firm of Gillespie, Kidd & Coia, it […]

Killers Ferm Hoose Abandoned

This week I explore an old farmhouse in Scotland where a farmer killed his wife and concealed her body under […]

Cottage Frozen In Time

A little house sits empty and untouched for many years in scotland. we where fortunate enough to be invited by […]

Abandoned Hospital – SCOTLAND

Another explore of an abandoned hospital in Scotland, this hospital was in great condition as it’s only recently been abandoned […]

Crawford Priory, Scotland

Check out the channels below Valairex Urbex and Eyeshadow Discover with Pajerico Fuente – Source Crawford Priory, Scotland EN.- Urban […]

Halloween Dissection

Halloween Special, visiting various locations that the infamous Burke and Hare are known to have visited during their time in […]

Riverside Church

The ruins of a once grand and ornate church and burial ground located in Scotland. Whilst this structure is technically […]

Exploring Scotland's Secret Bunker

Underground Cold War bunker museum housing BBC studio and switchboard room, cafe, dormitory and information about the Cold War and military […]