Costa Concordia (Коста Конкордия)

Costa Concordia (Коста Конкордия), Malta 2011 (Мальта, ноябрь 2011) Fuente – Source Costa Concordia (Коста Конкордия) EN.- Urban exploration is […]

Queens Of The 1600s & 1700s

1. Queen Catherine Of England 2. Queen Sophia Of Sweden 3. Queen Maria Of Spain 4. Queen Marie Of France […]

Meelfabriek Leiden urbex

This video is from our visit of the Meelfabriek in Leiden, the Netherlands in 2009. It is being turned into […]

Forgotten Irish Leeds 2009

Most of the ‘forgotten Irish’ came to Britain in the second half of the twentieth century, during one of the […]


urbex : petite visite d’un sanatorium en Normandie, l’une des plus vaste clinique sanatorium de France, plus de 600 chambres,150 […]

Police Violence in Cyprus

Egyptian priest encounters institutionalised racism and physical abuse by Cypriot Police Officers. KISA – ACTION FOR EQUALITY, SUPPORT, ANTIRACISM Nicosia […]