Abandoned nursing homes

Perth western Australia Fuente – Source Abandoned nursing homes EN.- Urban exploration is usually about exploring areas away from urban […]

Abandoned Mansion Victoria Australia

Abandoned Mansion Victoria Australia www.livediefree.com Fuente – Source Abandoned Mansion Victoria Australia EN.- Urban exploration is usually about exploring areas […]

Abandoned Factory(The Maltings)

The Maltings was a large three-malthouse complex first established in 1899 by the Malting Company of New South Wales, Australia, […]

Winter Snow

We had a decent overnight snowfall in winter this year. Watch as we experience and enjoy this Australian rarity. Follow […]

Urbex – Abandoned house No.2

Another abandoned house in australia. Fuente – Source Urbex – Abandoned house No.2 EN.- Urban exploration is usually about exploring […]

Inside Glenbrook Tunnel

The now abandoned Glenbrook train Tunnel in Sydney Australia opened in 1892 and closed in 1913 due to steep gradient, […]

2nd Abandoned house – Urbex

A small abandoned house in Australia. Fuente – Source 2nd Abandoned house – Urbex EN.- Urban exploration is usually about […]

Abandoned Australia

We took a trip into a abandoned building and found some weird stuff in the basement! Fuente – Source Abandoned […]

Manly bunker, Sydney

The rather long Y-shaped Manly bunker/tunnel in Sydney connects to 2 gun emplacements. It’s a great place to know about […]

Exploring Brisbane | #vlog 2

In this vlog, my family and I will be exploring Brisbane. From many montages, time lapse of food and shopping! […]

Abandoned house – Urbex

Exploring an abandoned house in Australia. There is no audio because the camera I was using was in a waterproof […]