On Ghost Towns: Abandoned Buildings and Deserted Cities

Ghost towns are not for everybody, but I totally love them. For this video I visited the following locations:
– Epecuen (Argentina): A popular lakeside resort in the roaring ‘20s, and then, disaster stroke… The abandoned slaughterhouse and adjacent dead forest are a perfect location for a horror movie.
– Gbecon (Benin): A.k.a “Les Comptoirs Coloniaux de Gbecon”. Among the fantastic deserted beaches of Grand Popo, a colonial outpost that was used to trade slaves, spices and other goods.
– Estancia San Gregorio (Chile): Truly at the end of the world, an overwhelming mixture of abandoned colonial village and Antarctica outpost. This ghost town is chilling: dilapidated colonial buildings from 1876 on a deserted beach with rusting wrecks of 19th-century British steamships. Watch the sunset and enjoy the total darkness, total solitude and total silence.
– Ada Foah (Ghana): A beach cemetery, an old Presbyterian church, the ruins of a colonial fort, and some dilapidated colonial buildings hosting wild hogs. The presence of humans (i.e. kids asking for money and adults using the fort as a public toilet) spoils the atmosphere.

Filmed, Directed and Produced by Fabio Tabbo’
Project Manager: Aurelie St. Marc
Video Editor: Lasha Kalandadze
Webmaster: Roman Hutnik
Web Assistant: Nikola Burchevski
Content Editor: Sherissa Sia
Social Media Coordinator: Katarina Ludrovska
Social Media Assistant: Myzel Perez
Illustrator: Adriana Robu
Graphic Designer: Kateryna Kyselova
IT Expert: Ken Anderson
Accountant: Rebecca Travis
Special Thanks: Elvire Egbo Glèlè, Rosario Centola, Giorgio Sparaci, Silvia Coni, Stefano Mancini, Marco Platzer

Filmed by Fabio in the following locations:
Argentina, Epecuen – 2015
Benin, Gbecon – 2013
Chile, Estancia San Gregorio – 2015
Ghana, Ada Foah – 2012

Check out www.LifeTour.net for the details of each location covered in the video, along with thousands of my other pictures and videos. I lived in more than 65 countries during my first 40 years, and I hope my travel blog can inspire you to live to the fullest. Enjoy!


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On Ghost Towns: Abandoned Buildings and Deserted Cities

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