#Abandoned ?? 1854 Australian mansion. I got a bit carried away

I recently found this absolutely stunning place by pure chance recently after talking to a service station attendant who told me about this place. She was of the belief the place was abandoned and said I should go have a look. OF course I wasn’t going to let an opportunity pass me by so off I went to explore and what an explore it was.It wasn’t until I got home and did some searching on the internets that I found that it was still owned by someone but not lived in anymore so I came a cropper as what do I do??
Do I tuck this away or share the wonder that I had found with people in a hope that in some way it could get people interested in some way to help save this grand example of Australian history.
I have decided to share this as I didn’t do anything that I deem to be illegal or intruding on the property and I feel I was respectful while filming even though I was on an awe struck roll with all the wonders I’d found. I got some of my facts wrong with some info such as saying the house had been left to some woman’s association which was wrong and I had read the plague on the house wrong and I should have had my glasses on while reading it LOL. I don’t feel I should say where it is in the description out of respect and privacy for the owner. Yes it is empty and un lived in but from research done it appears that the owner does do tours if requested. The house is definitely falling into disrepair and needs a lot of work to bring it back to it’s former glory. As you’ll see I just go off on a tangent with this place and I’m a bit like a kid in a candy shop with all the wonders I found. If anyone does know where this place is, I’d like them to be respectful and not post it’s location and if you do I will delete the comment. The homestead would have been huge in it’s day with alot of staff to help run the place. From research it seems the property was originally 160, 000 acres. I could not get into the main part of the house but I could film alot of the interior and the best bit, the staff wing with so much history about to deteriorate to a point of not being saved.
As I said I was in two minds about uploading this but I feel if there is a chance someone may see this that can help preserve this substantial bit of early Australian history then it can only be a good thing right and I’ll blame the service lady for leading me to believe the place was abandoned.
Tell me , what do you think? Leave a comment. Was I wrong to explore it? #abandoned #australianhistory #urbanexploration #abandonedhouse
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#Abandoned ?? 1854 Australian mansion. I got a bit carried away

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