#abandoned Australian farmhouse of little trinkets.

Come join me while I #explore this early Australian farm house I found in the New England region of nsw, Australia.
I was talking to a local guy that lived across the road from the house and he stated that the owner as I point out in the video, had died recently and that it was ok for me to explore the house. I don’t have any history on the place unfortunately but I think from the trinkets left behind that maybe a female with a couple of kids had lived there last? It was a nice little explore and I hope you enjoy coming along with me. Leave a comment and give me a thumbs up if you did enjoy the video. Thank you to all my new subscribers who have joined my channel too. Don’t forget to hit the notification bell to keep up to date with my videos because I lot alot of subscribers but not the views to match.
I enjoy finding these videos and I enjoy sharing them with you all but I’m getting just a little annoyed that youtube seem to want to automatically demonetise my videos as soon as I upload them. Not so much because of the money aspect but when they do that it makes my videos unsuitable for advertisers which means my videos don’t get seen and don’t get the backing of being out there for viewers which means they sorta sit stagnate at the bottom of the pile with no viewer reach. Very frustrating and why they keep doing it I have no idea. I don’t even have anything in my videos that is not advertiser friendly and my last video about my local cemetery is a good example. It gets you to a point where it affects how I feel about uploading videos because like so many youtubers, you put in the effort and then feel deflated thinking is it worth it.
I have a Patreon that has been sitting waiting idol for awhile maybe it’s time to activate that account.
Rant over,
Enjoy the video
See you’s at the next one.
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#abandoned Australian farmhouse of little trinkets.

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