#Abandoned Family house of broken dreams full of stuff.

Woodburn, nsw, Australia.
I discovered this abandoned house recently and thought it was just another empty house until I explored inside and realized it was being renovated at some point a few years back and then suddenly it all stopped. It was a surprise to see all the families belongings just thrown around the shed out the back and it does make you think, what ever happened to these people because so much of their belongings were left there and the kids toys just laying in the dirt. I felt a sense of sadness looking through this house and the shed. Sorry about the noise of my breathing, I forget how good my camera picks things up. I had lung surgery last year and as a result I tend to get a little short of breath which I try to regulate hence the heavy breathing. The sound of me spitting things was the fact that bugs kept flying into my mouth.
Sorry about the camera cutting out at the end too. Would seem I ran out of memory but I was just headed back to my car as I was finished filming anyway.
Looks like youtube has squashed my vid a little as well???

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#Abandoned Family house of broken dreams full of stuff.

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