#Abandoned Farm abandoned because of new dam

Abandoned explore I found a few months ago in summer here in Australia quite unexpectedly while just out for a day trip to keep my boy entertained.
This farm had been bought by the water board as part of their reclamation of land for the new dam that needed to be built. A few homes I’d discovered have ended up the same way as this one and it was good for me because I got to film a couple.
The house looked like it had been extended at one point from what looked like the very early original house that I first entered. The new addition was still very early or it may have been an old house that had been trucked in for the add on.
Because I wasn’t expecting to be doing any exploring this day I wasn’t really prepared . It was in the middle of summer and very dry and it looked very much like brown snake country so I was very wary of watching the ground plus I just had my thongs (flip flops) on. There were a few things I missed with this place like the sheds and the old silo down the hill but it would have been irresponsible of me to traipse through the long grass temping fate. Looks like the local teens might use the place to party at times as well due to the graffiti and empty sparkler packets laying around. This place was up in Queensland, I’d jumped the boarder that day while out day tripping. Thanks for watching, thanks for my new subscribers. Give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video. Share my video. If you enjoy my videos and haven’t subscribed yet then click on the subscribe button and hit the notification bell so you can keep up with my videos.
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#Abandoned Farm abandoned because of new dam

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