Abandoned : long before electricity turn of the century farmhouse

#abandoned house in mid west nsw of Australia that I was surprised to discover had been abandoned long before electricity had been a standard in house holds as I could find not one bit of evidence of power supply anywhere in the house.
Was this place abandoned before power or did someone live in this old home without the creature comforts of electricity which could have been a possibility but I seem to doubt it myself.
Leave a comment about what you think and I hope they received rain because it is in the middle of a drought.
The house is in surprisingly good condition considering the amount of time that has passed since anyone inhabited it. The wall linings are absolutely beautiful in their rawness.
Not a long explore but I hope you enjoy the tour.
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I’d also like to take this time to let everyone know that my cancer has come back and as a result I will probably be quite unwell for awhile with surgery and treatments so I might not be able to get out to find explores until im better but I do have videos in the archives that I’m hoping will see me threw this uncertain time and hopefully get this knocked on the head asap so that I can get back out there to find even better explores for you. If anyone in the northern east region of nsw Australia knows of any explores close to home that they would like to share with me , I’d be very grateful. Thank you.
Thank you to everyone that have been sending messages of love and support. It means a great deal. I hope to bring you another video in two weeks unless im out of action so in the mean time enjoy this little explore and I’ll see you’s the next one. 🙂
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Abandoned : long before electricity turn of the century farmhouse

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