Abandoned Mega Mansion In the country with a unique interior

This Australian Mega mansion that is abandoned and is being destroyed by vandals was a rather interesting explore. Even though its not a very long video you get the grasp on the layout and the look of this place.
Upon doing some research on this mansion I found that it was supposibly owned by an international couple looking to settle down in Australia and start a massive family.
That had soon turned to crumble when they found out they couldn’t have kids. So they thought maybe a childcare centre instead. That also didn’t go to plan and the building ceased and the couple moved on.
It is believed that this mansion is still up for sale as nobody wants to buy it. I believe it was used for something else (I cant so much explain what it could of been used for it just does not seem like it was built in the sense of a home) the way the rooms were set up however,
There’s almost no doors, mirrors everywhere, very strange room designs, and the fluro green paint on every wall…it was very unique I will give it that. Unfortunately there are just too many people coming in and ruining the place now and its getting rather over grown. Sad to see it go to waste in such a beautiful surrounding.

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Abandoned Mega Mansion In the country with a unique interior

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