Abandoned Sprawling HUGE duplex farm house with even huge'r shed

Huge abandoned farm house eye marked for demo as part of the M1 motorway expansion here in northern nsw Australia. Absolutely nothing wrong with this place at all apart from the out dated 80’s decor but will soon mean it’s sad demise soon once the motorway is nearing completion. So many houses have been abandoned to make way for the motorway but it is necessary because of the dangerous and very outdated highway that now exists. Many people have lost their lives on this section of the old highway so it does need to happen. Apart from salvaging some windows and maybe doors the rest will probably be bulldozed. The giant shed should be able to be dismantled and shame I couldn’t have it for my place. It’s enormous. HUGE! Not sure why there were two sections? Maybe for ageing parents? Who knows but if it wasn’t being knocked down and a little updating was done, this would be a great place to live. Check out my road trip blog of what I get up too behind the scenes of my explores with lots of photos and extra videos.
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Abandoned Sprawling HUGE duplex farm house with even huge'r shed

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