Daygame Australia Seminar Speech – How To Daygame, Approach Anxiety, Fast Sex

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Paul Plow – Head coach at Daygame Australia – Here with a complete daygame seminar speech.

This complete daygame seminar speech covers a range of topics.

In this full daygame speech, Paul covers things like “how to daygame”, “approach anxiety”, “fast sex”, “a guide to beginner daygame”, “a guide to intermediate daygame”… Even a “guide to advanced daygame”.

To start off this complete daygame seminar, Paul Plow of Daygame Australia talks all about:

– Paul’s life before daygame and getting into daygame infield approaching girls. From the age of 17 onwards.
– What daygame beginners can expect when first beginning daygame.
– Why most western men are absolute losers with women in this generations… And how daygame can solve this problem!

This is only the very beginning of this complete daygame pick-up artist seminar speech.

As this pick-up artist PUA seminar speech continues, Paul Plow of Daygame Australia contines talking about:

– What to do after your direct daygame approach infield opener.
– Common Indicators of Interest (IOIs) in daygame and how to spot indicators of interest IOIs
– Can you get FAST SEX from daygame infield approaching and pick-up artist approaching?

That is only some of the information covered in the first 30 minutes of this full daygame speech and pick-up artist PUA seminar!

As we continue into this daygame speech, pick up artist Paul Plow then talks about:

– Inspirational *real life* stories that will encourage you to keep daygame infield approaching and hunt for same day lays SDLS in daygame
– The difference between being a skilful, learned daygamer VS. a “natural, good looking guy”
– The minimum amount of girls you should sleep with before even thinking about a relationship!

Daygame Australia’s complete daygame speech and pick-up artist seminar will teach you this plus a whole lot more!


Complete Colombian girl sitting down daygame infield:


Indoor daygame approaching advice video


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Daygame Australia Seminar Speech – How To Daygame, Approach Anxiety, Fast Sex

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