Austria: Secrets of Hitler's nuclear ambition buried in concrete

The little town of Sankt Georgen an der Gusen could well hold the key to unlocking the secrets behind Hitler’s atomic weapons projects. An underground complex of tunnels running underneath the small village still contains untold secrets that both Allied and Soviet troops missed when the village was liberated.

The Bergkristall complex, located only 15 kilometres (9 miles) from the industrial Austrian city of Linz, was used both in the construction of parts for Nazi fighter jets and for weapons research. Not only was Bergkristall headed up by infamous Nazi SS General Hans Kammler, who was associated with “Wonder Weapons” research, but many technical scientists were forced to join the ranks of slave labour at this nearby Gusen Concentration Camp.

However, the details remained so secret that no inmate was allowed to leave and when the Nazis were forced to retreat, they sealed certain parts of the complex with cement and covered them with earth so that the most sensitive parts would never be found.

Documentary filmmaker Andreas Sulzer and Gusen Memorial Committee Board Member Rudolph Haunschmied have both been investigating the mysterious operations at Bergkristall underground tunnel complex. Sulzer’s search took him across continents to dig through archive records of US, British, German and Russian WWII sources. Historians confirm that the Nazis had worked on nuclear research and had even produced uranium cubes in Oranienburg, but Sulzer believes Bergkristall could have served as a research facility to help Hitler in his drive for a nuclear weapon. The filmmaker has no doubt that Bergkristall hosted secret military activities, he says it could even be “associated with atomic research”.

Will the discovery and exploration of this new shaft lead to a re-writing of the history books? Only time and a bit of drilling will tell …

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Austria: Secrets of Hitler's nuclear ambition buried in concrete

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