Abandoned Mansion In Belgium From 1875 Childrens Toys Left

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In the exploration of this week we went to an abandoned villa / mansion in Belgium. This Villa looked more like a Castle from the outside! It was build in 1875 by a Belgian business man. Later it was occupied by a family of 7 people. 2 parents and 5 children. We could not believe our eyes when we walked upon the property. The garden of this place stretched out as far as the eye could see. Then we ventured inside of the home to find that the first floor had been occupied with homeless people for some time. This floor was completely destroyed and not worth filming. The only thing that we found to be nice was the kitchen. We ventured in and found the pots and pans with which the previous owners cooked and fed the children. There was even an iconic Dutch cheese left from the Netherlands. Further into the home we found a beautiful wine cellar to our best hopes it was unfortunately empty. Then we went upstairs to look for the bedrooms and bathrooms and we where not disappointed! They where beautiful. You have to see it in the video to understand what i am talking about. And to top it of we found a huge collection of the toys the children used to play with in the attic. I have to say that this was an awesome exploration and worth the 2 hour drive! Lot’s of love from the BrosOfDecay Team Xx

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Abandoned Mansion In Belgium From 1875 Childrens Toys Left

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