Doel ''Abandoned town'' (Belgium)


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Doel is a abandoned town in Belgium it got abandoned right after a new nuclear reactor got build right next to the small town in 1969 the building ended in 1988. Until 1977, Doel was an independent municipality with 1300 inhabitants. Forty years later – in 2007 – it had 359 inhabitants and in 2013 only 28. The survivors are often of old age, born and raised in Doel and determined not to leave the village. Despite their firmness, many of them move. Not only their furniture, but also their deceased loved ones are coming along. For fear that the graves will disappear. In addition to a few inhabited dwellings, the church of Doel also endured the chronic decay. Ponds of water rest in the parking lot in front of the building. Picking greens have been shot through the fragile asphalt. One of the messages on the wooden church doors announces that the church is in use for weddings, baptisms and funerals. The cemetery looks well cared for. Fresh flower arrangements flank immaculate graces on red gravel stones.
With blinking eyes we cross the streets. Falling from one surprise to another. Once it gets out, it becomes increasingly curious. Warning signs crisscross through Target. Pointing to measures against vandalism and harassment of residents. At the village border is the first, accompanied by two barriers that close at night to ward off unwanted visitors. Empty streets full of daubed and half-houses are visible to us. Windows thrown in, the facade decorated with graffiti. A glimpse through broken glass shows a decor on broken TVs and weathered wallpaper. Every now and then a decent house appears. On the windows always a poster that the building is occupied. Surveillance cameras keep an eye on things. Red geraniums in the planter or portico give the houses some beautification. Cool towers of the nuclear power plant are blowing in the background.

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Doel ''Abandoned town'' (Belgium)

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