Anonymous – A Message to Bulgaria 29.04.2012

Greetings Bulgaria!
We are Anonymous.
The number of protesting and dissatisfied people rise all over the world,
while at the same time it decreases in Bulgaria.
The national protests held in your country are a good example,
how they have censored you.
The first one was covered by the national media and got publicity.
The second one, however, was totally ignored.
Of course, you have a choice whether to rise or not,
but let us explain to you that choice.
The choice is never based on the personal freedom.
That is so because based on the Choice a person has rights.
These rights are taken away by the society,
which puts you in the position to choose whether to fight for the society or not.
Every choice is determined by the environment in which the person is living in,
and it’s based on the lack of freedom.
If a person were free, he would not have a choice.
While growing up we are told who to be, how to dress,
what to buy, how to act, how to be happy.
How would you like to be shaped by preset matrix,
to be taught how to consume till your last day?
Can you honestly justify that,
because things are going well for you,
to remain passive to the effort for a better world without so much suffering?
Where is our compassion and empathy?
Where is our intrinsic passion for life?
If we, as humans, really do have souls,
sense, logic and compassion, I dare to say, that to accept the unacceptably unjustifiable,
is totally unacceptable.
Fellow Bulgarians,
Unite and show that you cannot be ignored and that your human rights cannot be violated.
We are Anonymous
We are legoin
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

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Anonymous – A Message to Bulgaria 29.04.2012

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