Found an Abandoned Van Stuck in the Snow!

We randomly stumbled upon this abandoned van that was also stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere… Shot near the Plana village in Bulgaria…We went there to hang out in the first slightly cooler day of the winter and had a blast, but this van was an unusual find. We hung around for like 10-15 minutes and moved on to a different location… Temperature was around -11C without the wind. The last 2 clips are from after that, when we went clubbing in the city.

I planned on uploading this video days ago, but an acquaintance of mine got arrested and held for a couple of days on the Bulgaria-Serbia border for reasons I wouldn’t like to share…They confiscated his car and I had to do some things regarding that, so that whole process slowed down the upload.

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The Plana village is an extremely mysterious place, a sufficient number of its residents have shared stories about UFO sightings and bone-chilling paranormal encounters with me and my friends. We’ve done numerous investigations and have seen UFO’s on more than six separate occasions… About paranormal activity, we have investigated much deeper and almost every time we visit that place at night, we detect creepy unexplainable EVP’s coming from our car radios without them even being turned on with the volume on zero…total device hijacking.These include melodies being played and songs being sung by female or/and male voices, bizzare vocal messages and constant static throughout the whole stay there… All of our attempts to record the unconventional paranormal activity and the UFO’s were deemed unsuccessful. The weird thing is that we are always fully able to record these things, both with a voice recorder and with a camera, but after a while they just disappear from our devices completely, far before we leave the village and go back to the city. Another thing are random drops or spikes in the temperature…We experienced that many times, the driver feeling extremely cold, while the passenger next to him is hot and if one of them moves their hand near the other person, the former immediately notices that the air has a different temperature.

There is a Buddhist Stupa built on the top of a hill at the outskirts of the village…Two guys reside nearby, or at least that’s what I got from our encounter; they live with a pack of dogs and a captured semi-domesticated wolf and one of them told us that they see lights in the sky quite often and have had other weird experiences. On a recent trip to the Stupa we saw 3 cars parked next to each other that were the same models, had the same color scheme, their licence plates were almost the same, with only one number not matching and those numbers were consecutive. That isn’t anything paranormal, but it just adds to the weird atmosphere this place has…and the odd folk that reside there.

There is also a cosmic satelite station with an observatory at the end of a narrow road close to the village, which is tightly secured and there is a constant presense of guards with flashlights and dogs that roam around and aggressively flash at us when we come closer to the premises at night…This place is quite strange, because as I’m assuming, it’s purpose is to take pictures of distant stars and nebulas in the night sky, but with all that security it gives out the impression that it’s not being used exactly for that.

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Found an Abandoned Van Stuck in the Snow!

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Saludos exploradores ! 😉

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