Abandoned Muskoka Regional Centre Ontario

Abandoned Muskoka Regional Centre Ontario
Started with a 35-bed tuberculosis hospital, the first of its kind in Canada. expansions to the Sanatorium took place in the 1920’s at which time the facility could house 444 patients – a sizeable institution at the time. Additional buildings such as surgical facilities, a laboratory, several service buildings and private dwellings for the resident professionals were also completed shortly after.

As more modern treatment and prevention of tuberculosis became more prevalent, there acquirements for traditional isolation sanatoriums lessened. The Sanitarium experienced decreased occupancy during the late 1940’s and throughout the 1950’s. Meanwhile, a counterbalancing phenomenon in the field of mental retardation began demanding increased care and treatment space.

In 1960, the 62-acre site, on a rocky peninsula jutting out into Lake Muskoka and the existing structures, were acquired by the Ontario Department of Health as an extension of the Ontario Hospital School at Orillia which came to be known as Huronia Regional Centre. In 1973, the facility, now known as the Mental Hospital administered to 305 female patients between the ages of 16 to 80 years with the total staff of about 300. There were also several male adolescent resents. Approximately 275 of these residents occupied the large Gage complex, originally constructed in 1922, with the remainder housed in the Barbara Heyden Residence, constructed in 1936.

The Mental Hospital was finally closed in 1994.

Exploring an Abandoned Tuberculosis Sanitarium/Mental Hospital built in 1897. Until later the TB vaccinations were created and the hospital served as a Hospital for the Mentally Handicap .

In this episode we explore an old abandoned (TB Sanitarium) in the middle of nowhere . Scared out of our wits thinking something is around every corner we search to find old relics from the past and answers as to how people were in that time period and some small facts on the very short time frame when the location was used for the mentally handicapped until its closure .

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Abandoned Muskoka Regional Centre Ontario

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