Abandoned Overgrown Mansion in the Woods Ontario, Canada Explore #13

Abandoned Overgrown Mansion in the Woods Ontario, Canada Explore #13

I was actually exploring another location in the woods and it turned out to be an old water pumping station that wasn’t that interesting so I was walking back and I noticed a chain link fence in the woods. I looked up my location on Google Earth and noticed a large house not far from me so I followed the chain link fence and almost fell in the pool.
No idea how long this place has been abandoned for but looking at the growth around this place I think it was abandoned for awhile.
All the drywall was smashed so the vandals must have found it.
This mansion was definitely a nice place at one point with a lot of windows and a very private location.

I have been exploring abandoned places since I was a child and now I would like to film the explores and share the videos with you.
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Abandoned Overgrown Mansion in the Woods Ontario, Canada Explore #13

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Abandoned Overgrown Mansion in the Woods Ontario, Canada Explore #13

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ES.- La exploración urbana normalmente se trata de la exploración de zonas alejadas de los núcleos urbanos, zonas industriales, o abandonadas. Pero también por ruinas antiguas y zonas imposibles de acceder, todo depende de cada explorador.

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