Exploring Canada's 1st Railway Tunnel & Other Abandoned Places + RibFest!

Took a roadtrip to explore the Brockville Railway Tunnel – Canada’s 1st railway tunnel! Come with me and Adrian on our adventure underground where we tour the tunnel and proceed to find more abandoned places afterward (abandoned factory?). We also attended Ribfest, so if that’s you’re type of tea then watch until the end so see! We show you around RibFest, and have a…very brief…RibFest mukbang lol This video was filmed last year but I just edited it now, sorry it’s so late! Hope you enjoy the video 🙂
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Brockville Railway Tunnel is open for the season 7 days/week 9am-9pm, and entry is BY DONATION!

“DONATIONS can be made to support ongoing operations, or for phase 2 of the tunnel property project. To make a secure online donation, or to contact someone about a donation, please click DONATE. Donation bins (emptied daily) are also available at both tunnel entrances. We appreciate all financial assistance as our goal is to keep access to the tunnel free for all to enjoy.
Thank You! ” – Brockville Railway website

*Pictures are copyright free from pexels.com
Spine Chilling Cardiac Tension – Biz Baz Studio

White Hats – Wayne Jones

Undercover Vampire Policeman by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Really Really Doe – Diamond Ortiz

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Exploring Canada's 1st Railway Tunnel & Other Abandoned Places + RibFest!

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