Owner vanished! Abandoned hoarder house with everything left behind. Canada – Explore #34

Owner vanished! Abandoned hoarder house with everything left behind. Canada – Explorer #34

I was coming back from another abandoned house that I explored and randomly found this one. There are always a few signs that a place is abandoned so I decided to stop and double check this one. The front of the house didn’t look to bad just an open door and a broken front window. The back of the house was a disaster. This small house you can’t see from the road as it’s totally surrounded by trees. It’s very strange and sad to see the old owner of this house left all their personal belonging. She collected decorative dolls, clocks and other small items so leaving them behind its like she just vanished. It was very hard to move around this house as everything was stacked on the floor up to my shoulders. I can tell this person was a hoarder and didn’t throw anything away.

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About me:
I have been exploring abandoned places since I was a child and now I would like to film the explores and share the videos with you.

My father took me to my first abandoned house when I was 7 years old. I remember going into the house and a old farmer came in and told us we better watch out as the floors are all rotten and unsafe. Ever since that day I was hooked on exploring abandoned places.

If you have a location you would like to share with me or want me to explore for you please send me an email at abandonedcanada@hotmail.com and I will give you full credit for the share in the description and during the video if you choose.

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Owner vanished! Abandoned hoarder house with everything left behind. Canada – Explore #34

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