What did a wave say to a beach?
Nothing, he just waved.

How are you all doing? It has been a hectic week and also three weeks since I uploaded. You will see why in the video. I used windows movie maker for all of the vlogs, so it might not be the best. I really hope you guys will enjoy this. I spent around an hour a day to edit the vlogs and everything because I might get carried away with taking photos. (a whole lot of them is not in the video)

The songs used will not be listed because I am a lazy ass so just comment if you want to know the titles of the songs. No songs are mine. They belong to their rightful owners.

If you want to know more about my experience in Malinska or if you just want to know more about the people and Malinska itself you can also comment and I will purghaps make another video about just that.

Location and all the other geo stuff:

Song used in intro:

If you have any other questions please comment down below or reach out to me on my Gmail:

Have a great day or night!!


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EN.- Urban exploration is usually about exploring areas away from urban centers, industrial zones, or abandoned areas. But also for ancient ruins and areas impossible to access, everything depends on each explorer.

ES.- La exploración urbana normalmente se trata de la exploración de zonas alejadas de los núcleos urbanos, zonas industriales, o abandonadas. Pero también por ruinas antiguas y zonas imposibles de acceder, todo depende de cada explorador. es la exploración urbana llevada a tu pantalla ! Disfruta de todos los videos de Urbex que existen en una misma página web y todo categorizado por zonas !

Saludos exploradores ! 😉

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