Military tourism on island of Vis

(8 Aug 2011)
AP Television
Vis Island, Croatia – July 24, 2011
1. Wide town Komiza on Adriatic island of Vis
2. Pan of Komiza harbour
3. Mid of buildings in the town
4. SOUNDBITE: (Croatian), Hrvoje Klas, tourist guide:
“The Yugoslav army built the big military base on this island. There are around 80 military objects on the island that we know about. We organise military tours because we think it has to be shown to the visitors. We have a chance to show the most interesting things such as shelter for ships, the site where TANJUG (the Yugoslav news agency) was established, nuclear war command in the middle of the island, missiles bases, underground tunnels.”
5. Mid of Klas starting engine in while taking tourists for a tour
6. Mid of a Land rover moving
7. Wide of the same
8. Mid of the vehicle passing hikers
9. Wide of a group of tourists walking towards the ships/submarine shelter
10. Wide of tourists entering the shelter
11. Mid of the entrance to the shelter
12. Pan of visitors inside the shelter
13. Close of an old tire used as fender
14. Pan of Landrover moving
15. Wide of the same
16. Mid of the same
17. Driving inside a tunnel of a missiles installation under camouflage net and artificial rocks
18. Mid of tourists moving inside a missiles installation
19. Wide of a Yugoslav Army guard shelter
20. Mid of the same
21. Close of the Yugoslav flag on a shelter
22. Tilt down to a cannon
UPSOUND: (Croatian) Hrvoje Klas, tourist guide:
“The Yugoslav Army was not able to take cannons with them, they decided it is better to destroy them then to let them to the Croatian army.”
23. Mid of a group of visitors entering underground military tunnel
24. Wide of a group of tourists inspecting inside underground military shelter
25. Close of a door inside a nuclear shelter
26. Mid of ventilation tubes inside the nuclear shelter
27. Mid of a hole in a wall with text reading: “Destroy the wall in war circumstances”
28. Close of a electrical installation inside nuclear shelter
29. Mid of visitors exiting the shelter
30. SOUNDBITE: (Italian) Rossana Rinaldi, a tourist from Milano, Italy:
“I think it is very interesting because it gives you an opportunity to see the life during wartime and how soldiers lived during the war. It is also entertaining because it gives you a different view of the island from the inside, such as local flora and fauna.”
31. Close of a picture of Josip Broz Tito, inside a room in the shelter that was allegedly built for him
32. Close of devastated toilet in Tito”s room
33. Close of a bat hanging from the ceiling in the shelter
34. Mid of the plaque reading (Croatian):
“This is where comrade Tito stayed and worked in times when Vis was the headquarters of military and political leadership of the people”s liberating war.”
35. Close of the word Tito at the same
36. SONDBITE (Croatian) Kreso Zuhranovic, a visitor from Vrbovec, Croatia:
“This has been done very well and all the visitors who come to this island should take the tour in order to learn how the things were in the past during Yugoslavia and how the things were understood back then”
37. Mid of a group of visitors exiting a shelter
38. GV of town of Vis and boats anchored in its harbour
39. View of Vis island from a ferry boat leaving
Bunkers and tunnels carved into the Adriatic island of Vis by the Yugoslav military have become a major tourist attraction.
Vis was off-limits for foreigners after World War II until 1991 when Yugoslav People”s Army withdrew from the island when Croatia separated from Yugoslavia.
The picturesque island of Vis with its turquoise waters and red tiled roofs.
Boats bob in the marina as the sun beats down.

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Military tourism on island of Vis

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