Cyprus Airways & Air Atlantis Boeing 707/727 Special! * Classic rare footage from 1987 *

The coolest, classiest jetliner of all time. This magnificent and rare footage was filmed at East Midlands airport by aviation videography legend Ian Austin back in 1987 and shows one of the earliest Boeing 707’s off the production line.
During the 1980’s 707’s were being withdrawn from service and scrapped, but many found new lives with holiday charter airlines and were regularly seen flying between the UK and Mediterranean hot spots.

This video is the final footage from Ian’s extensive collection and it showcases what made plane spotting in the UK back in the 1980’s so good.

The days when we would just turn up at the airport and not know what was coming in, the days before Flight Radar 24 and mobile phones. It was like an unexpected Christmas present when a rare plane came in and we salivated with excitement at the thrill of it, a real rush of adrenalin that young spotters nowadays will just never feel.
All of Ian’s work, that I now host on my channel, totalling over 40 hours, brings that rush and those great memories back to me and I am sure back to many who will know EXACTLY what I mean.

If you weren’t around in those days. don’t feel too sad, you get to experience the magic right HERE! Just imagine all of us (or yourself) going to the airport and not knowing what you will see, then seeing rare treats and leaving like you were walking on air. It was the not knowing that made it all so great. Oh and that smell of kerosene!

The highlight of all the footage I have is the LAN Chile Jumbo, it illustrates perfectly what I just said above, when on New Years Day 1989 I showed up at Heathrow to be greeted by it (flying for Aer Lingus) – Great days.

This Boeing 707 & 727 footage is rare and the video speaks for itself, from a time when airports were much different and there was mutual trust between airport authorities, airlines and the general public (plane spotters). When fences were lower and barb wire was there to keep criminals in prison and not used on the innocent.
This video shows ‘The stuff that dreams are made of’ and keeps the memories alive for a better future.

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Cyprus Airways & Air Atlantis Boeing 707/727 Special! * Classic rare footage from 1987 *

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