Abandoned Boys Reformatory School UK

Now abandoned Eastmoor Approved School was by no means a holiday camp. The chapel that had been turned into a gym was also used to dish out punishment. A former pupil spoke of being bent over the gym horse and been smacked on the bare arse several times by the Head Master….
In the early part of the 20th century many Reformatorys around the country became Approved Schools. And in 1933, The Leeds Reformatory became Eastmoor Approved School. Approved schools were run by local authorities rather than the prison service and they dealt with younger children…
… Various buildings were added to the site throughout the latter half of the 19th century, including a workshop built by the boys in 1859. A chapel was also added to the site in 1881, although it had no priest and was never consecrated.
The boys were taught trades, such as; Joinery, tailoring, shoemaking, farm work, calligraphy, building trades, cooking and blacksmithing…

The Leeds Reformatory for Boys School was founded in 1857, in Adel, a suburb in North Leeds. The location was purposely chosen to take the boys away from the temptations of the city. By 1858 around 50 boys were living at the school…

.. The swimming pool! We’re on our third swimming pool we’ve found whilst Urban Exploring now. And they always take your breath away when you unknowingly stumble across one. This is our biggest so far. That’s the beauty of Urbex, you never know what’s round the next corner. 😊
The swimming pool was added to the Reformatory in 1887. It was used by community groups as well as the inmates, were swimming and life saving was taught. It’s now one of the oldest remaining swimming pools in the country.

By the 1960’s Eastmoor Approved School had 120 boys living there. The boys were taught trades such as carpentry, building and engineering. They were also aloud to join the Army Cadets and Civil Defence. The boys also enjoyed camping trips and days out around Yorkshire…

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Abandoned Boys Reformatory School UK

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