DARK SCARY Tunnel (WWII Navy Base) | Exploring Abandoned Places 2019

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☆ Today we venture underground to the HMS Forward Naval Tunnels in Newhaven, Sussex. These tunnels were sealed for almost a year during 2018 but in 2019 they were opened, although I believe someone has bolted them shut now.. there was a severe lack of oxygen down there as all the exits are sealed but one, and the tunnels go very deep into a cliff. They actually run into someones house as the house once acted as a control room. Join us as we delve into WWII History.

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LOCATION HISTORY: (if any) Based in a former Guinness Trust Holiday Home,[1] Forward served as the command centre for all Royal Naval establishments in the area and was responsible for:
HMS Marlborough, the Electrical Training School at Eastbourne.
HMS Forward II (renamed HMS Aggressive in 1942), the Coastal Forces base at Newhaven.
The Combined Operations Landing Craft bases of HMS Newt at Newhaven and HMS Lizard at Shoreham and Hove.
HMS Vernon (R), the Torpedo, Mining & Electrical Training Establishment at Roedean School, Brighton.[2]
In 1941 a complex of tunnels were constructed 20 m (66 ft) underground to house a centre which plotted all shipping traffic in the English Channel between Dungeness and Selsey Bill, in conjunction with the coastal radar chain. Established in 1941 and abandoned in 1945 in August.

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DARK SCARY Tunnel (WWII Navy Base) | Exploring Abandoned Places 2019

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