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I was told about an abandoned garden centre in Eastbourne so I thought I would head on down and check it out.

Not the greatest urban explores I have ever done but it was certainly the most overgrown places I have ever had to walk through.

Not a lot of history on this unfortunately but here is what I found from the Eastbourne Herald website in May 2007.

THE OWNER of an Eastbourne nursery fears for the future of her business over a planning wrangle.

Wendy Patterson, the proprietor of Tutts Barn Nursery, wants to build a small bungalow on the site.

She was given planning permission in 1996 and it was renewed again in 2001 when it complied with the Eastbourne Borough Plan 2001 to 2011.

But that permission ran out last year and Mrs Patterson is now applying for new approval saying she is finding it hard to run the business in Tutts Barn Lane from a distance and wants to live on site to combat that and problems with vandalism.

The matter is due to be considered by Eastbourne Borough Council’s planning committee and in a letter to the committee, Mrs Patterson says she needs to be on site.

“Because of the changes in our climate I am now working 12 hours a day from April to September as it is impossible to close the greenhouses until sunset,” she says in her letter.

“Although the windows are thermostatically controlled, in one greenhouse the temperature can rise to 350 deg C if the doors are closed and then the plants do not survive. Also if the wind becomes stronger, as often happens in the evening, there could be a loss of glass if the windows were still open which happened on a regular basis last summer.

“The nursery is still suffering from vandalism.”

Mrs Patterson says despite difficulties in recent years when she was not in a position to build the bungalow, she has managed to keep the nursery running to provide employment for herself and two employees who, she believes, would find it difficult to get work elsewhere.

She said she now plans to sell her own property to finance the project leaving further capital to invest in the business which, she says, has seen an upturn in trading since the closure of the garden centre at Willingdon roundabout.

But if the scheme is not given the go-ahead Mrs Patterson says the nursery could close with her and her two employees out of work.

“The bungalow would be very small, behind the nursery and no-one would actually be able to see it,” added Mrs Patterson.

“It makes sense to have somebody on site.”

But the application has fallen foul of planning officers who are urging the council committee to turn down planning permission.

Jeff Collard, the council’s senior planning officer, says – in a report to go before the committee – the bungalow would be out of character with the open nature of the nursery and the surrounding land and contravene the borough plan for the area.

And he added, “The nursery has continued to operate since 1996 without such a dwelling which demonstrates that it is indeed not necessary.”

The planning committee will discuss the application at its meeting tonight.

Obviously the planning permission was never granted and the women closed the business down.

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The Abandoned Nursery in Eastbourne, East Sussex – Urban Exploring – Urbex – UK

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