The Mystery Of Cattistock Lodge (Abandoned House In Dorset, England) Part I/II

A feature length episode documenting roughly 24 hours over the night of Christmas Eve 2018, in a house that has been abandoned for the best part of 20 years, trapped in a perpetual Christmas nightmare.

Sorting through the ruins to locate some remarkably well preserved documents in an attempt to learn who lived here, & what happened to them….

Link to The Mystery Of Cattistock Lodge (Part II – Following Up The Leads):

Link to a video of my first, very much unplanned visit to Cattistock Lodge:

Music In Order Of Appearance:

“Subconscious Of The Psychotic Adrenaline Overload Mix” by Lee Rosevere.

“Muro De Lenguas” by O+yn+GMC.

“Cylinder Seven” by Chris Zabriskie.

“Phonotaxis 2” by Nick Kuepfer.

“Datura” by Ophir Ilzetski.

“Repeating Northern Annular Cloud” by Schemawound.

“How Are The Hands Nourished” by G17.

“Ben Relax I’m Going To Float Your Skull” by Ben Seretan.

All tracks listed thus far were found on FMA the & used under various Creative Commons licences. A massive THANK YOU to all the artists whose work I use in these videos, for making their work available for FREE at FMA.

“Merry Christmas Everyone” by Shakin’ Stevens (Epic, 1985).

“A Christmas Fucking Miracle” by Run The Jewels (Fool’s Gold, 2013).

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The Mystery Of Cattistock Lodge (Abandoned House In Dorset, England) Part I/II

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