Where two rivers meet in Derbyshire, you’ll find the fabled village of Ambergate.
Actually, there’s more than just myth and fairytale at Ambergate. It’s got a train station, a couple of pubs, a petrol station and a Victorian country house built in the Arts & Craft Jacobean style…?
Oakhurst House was built in 1848 by Francis Hurt and extended in 1888 and 1894.
The house was left to ruin in the 1970s & in 1994 permission to demolish the building was granted, but has now expired.
The Wire works is owned by a plastics firm, who use the other buildings on the estate as storage and was part of the Richard Johnson and Nephew company.
There isn’t much known about the trio of cottages that was, for me, the real gem in this exploration.
Apologies if this jumps a little, I was planning to split this into 2 separate videos, but the condition of Oakhurst made it fairly impossible to film properly.

All music (C) GoPro – I make no claim to be the composer of the musical tracks.
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EN.- Urban exploration is usually about exploring areas away from urban centers, industrial zones, or abandoned areas. But also for ancient ruins and areas impossible to access, everything depends on each explorer.

ES.- La exploración urbana normalmente se trata de la exploración de zonas alejadas de los núcleos urbanos, zonas industriales, o abandonadas. Pero también por ruinas antiguas y zonas imposibles de acceder, todo depende de cada explorador. es la exploración urbana llevada a tu pantalla ! Disfruta de todos los videos de Urbex que existen en una misma página web y todo categorizado por zonas !

Saludos exploradores ! 😉

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