Urbex ~ “The Tower” Tower Wood Squerryes Estate Westerham Kent

The Tower ~ Squerryes Estate, Westerham, Kent, England.
In 1999 Aurum Press Ltd published a book called Follies Grottos and Garden Buildings. It was written by Gwyn Headley and Wim Meulenkemp and they had this to say about the tower. ‘Kent’s final folly is the belvedere at Squerryes Court, Westerham. Frustratingly little is known about this roofless, ruinous building, romantically associated with Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, but it would appear to have been built in the 18th century as a prospect tower or hunting lodge. Oddly enough it is built of rubble masonry instead of the ubiquitous north Kent flint and brick, which shows it to have been designed as a building of some consequence. It had two floors and a basement-there are still remnants of plasterwork-and it may have been built by John Warde ‘as a shelter from which to watch the training gallops’, although this may be mistaken for a small gazebo, equally ruinous.’
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A Short walk through some beautiful woodland stands an old tower, now covered in ivy, but well worth the visit on a lovely sunny Sunday morning, as i needed the exercise badly after a couple of weeks spent mostly working & sleeping, a country walk is always good, for body & the soul, plus a little history thrown in is a bonus don’t you think….Enjoy!
“It has been called variously a folly, a prospect tower, a belvedere, a hunting lodge and even a mediaeval watch-tower but in spite of
its popularity very little seems to be known about either its age or its purpose…”
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Urbex ~ “The Tower” Tower Wood Squerryes Estate Westerham Kent

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