CREEPIEST Abandoned Places in Estonia

From scary and unsettling prisons; to mysterious locations; these are the 10 CREEPIEST Abandoned Places in Estonia !

3. Rummu Prison
This abandoned prison, located in the country of Estonia, was once considered to be Europe’s Alcatraz.A quarry was formed to gather marble in the 1930’s but it quickly became a prisoner camp where subjects would be forced into a life of hard labor. Near the quarry are two prisons which the most visited one being, Rummu Prison. Groundwater began to rise here and it submerged the prison, but surrounded it by crystal clear water and white sands. Once the empire of the soviets had crumbled, so did many of the buildings. This flooded prison which was once home to much human suffering has also become a tourist attraction for thrill seeking scuba divers. Built from limestone, this housed an estimated 7,000 convicts between 1930-1931 and many were forced into hard labor for nearly 12 hours a day. There might not look like much from outside, but there’s seemingly an endless amount of things to explore underwater. Here in this photo we see some scuba divers swimming up near the barbed wire fence that once surrounded the enclosure. It present times, local estonians enjoy having picnics in the area. Soviet prisons in estonia were like a little slice of hell and maybe the reason it’s become a popular place for Estonians, is to remember their history, in a non aggressive way.

2. Aegna Island
This island is considered to be Tallinn’s only island and despite there being about 100 people or so living here the majority of the island is abandoned.For centuries it was commonly used for seal hunting which was a vital source of food for people living on this remote island. During the beginning of the 20th century, there’s a massive effort to fortify the coast of Estonia and islands off the coast were a good way to add further protection. This was the case for the Aegna Island and all citizens were forced to leave in the early 19th century. The effort to fortify this place grew even bigger when the Soviets took over and many of the military related buildings here are abandoned. Although it’s heavily wooded, that doesn’t mean explorers wouldn’t come across some strange things such as these strange concrete caldrops. There’s also a few labarinths you might find scattered throughout the forest./

1. Linnahall
Also located in the capital city of Tallinn, this old abandoned concert and sports hall, sits right on the edge of the Finland strait, just outside of the Estonia’s old town. During the 22nd olympics, Moscow hosted a sailing event here which was given to Estonia to be in charge of. This was because, they found no proper sailing locations as far inland as moscow and therefore, a structure in Estonia had to be constructed. In modern times, the venue is home to a helipad, which transports Finnish people normally looking to buy cheaper alcohol over here. The outside area still has a soviet style too it and it takes up quite a few square meters. Explorers might come across some graffiti but other than that, this former soviet structure still sits at the edge of the coast, in good condition.

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CREEPIEST Abandoned Places in Estonia

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