MS Estonia – The secret truth of how the ship got blown up

This report shows how researching the accident is made almost impossible by Swedish and Finnish Authorities.

Proven fact is that the Baltic Sea claimed 852 people’s lives by drowning and freezing them to death in the 8 degree C cold water. Only 95 bodies were ever recovered.
The wreck of the Estonia was not salvaged, but sealed, covered in sand and is now declared an official burial ground.
Six hours into the voyage, MS Estonia sank to a depth of more than 75 meters.

Allegedly.. the ship sank due to weakly constructed locks on the bow visor breaking under the strain of the waves….And some say there was a explosion.
Some say that the ship had a Russian scientist along leaving Russia with sensitive documents …After Glasnost facts show that many Russian scientists left to work in the West, and naturally that must have irritated the Russian old guard. Some older documentaries show that some mysteries Russians tried to get onboard the Ship but where to late to be allowed board the ship.Today many facts have been forgotten or ignored by documentary makers…
We know that the visor eventually broke off of the ship, and investigators are getting loads of trouble by Government officials in both Sweden and Finland making the it hard to establish the truth regarding the opening to the car deck behind. Water rushed in and destabilized the ship, starting a catastrophic chain of events that brought the ship down.

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MS Estonia – The secret truth of how the ship got blown up

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