1986 Saab 90 review – made in Finland

We Finns never had our own big car brand, but this fine example of automotive history was the closest we got to having our own car..
The Saab Club of Finland tells quite a story about the relationship of us Finns and our Saabs:
It has over 4000 members across the country, making it the biggest Saab owners club in the world.

We cannot thank Petteri Virtanen, the President of the Saab Club of Finland, enough. His insights and knowledge about the brand’s history was amazing and actually quite inspirational.
Alongside their four times a year publication, the Saabisti magazine, the club organizes local gatherings as well as international events, the last of which was attended by Saab drivers from almost 20 countries! The next big international gathering will be held at 2021.

Their website with their active forum as well as Saab merchandise and parts can be found through this link:
Saab Club of Finland’s official instagram:

Thank you Aaron for letting us use some of your camera equipment!
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1986 Saab 90 review – made in Finland

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