A slightly nervous man has car trouble in an unfamiliar area and let’s his fears, anxieties and vivid imagination get the best of him.

The film takes off from the story of Babels Tower and ends in messy language complications and xenophobia.

God hates Finland exploits a known Finnish urban legend: a person is forced to ask for help from strangers. In its most common form it is a man that needs a jack-screw for his car. In God Hates Finland it’s a Finnish-speaking man stuck on Åland, in his rental car. Åland seems scary to our hero, a dragons den populated by cannibals who are planning to sew a traditional costume from his skin! Yes, fear has many faces and can inspire many things. Finnish men also like playing martyr so much that it makes Jesus Christ look pale in comparison. So our hero makes a great mess – just because he is afraid.

To this black comedy we have added the story of Babels Tower – the correct interpretation. If we read The Bible we learn that God gave us many languages not as a punishment but as a challenge, so that we could develop. Sadly this idea never reach much popularity in Finland.

Actors: Fabian Silén, Maya Kovacic, Sonja Ahlfors, Marc Svahnström, Sigge Svahnström, Cris af Enehielm, Juha Rytilahti.

Team: Johan Karrento (script & director) Merja Ritola (producer) Anssi Leino (DoP) Svante Colerus (Sound) Lizette S Stenroos (Production manager) Antti Pirinen (gaffer) Theo af Enehielm (sound assistant)

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