[URBEX] Huge Abandoned Factory in Dijon – France

DISCLAIMER : I do not own rights for the song used in the video, everything is done for the sole purpose of entertaining people. All credit is due to the respective owners/creators of the song, Infected Mushroom.

Song : Infected Mushroom – Animatronica

I had this spot in mind for a really long time, at first it seemed to be still occupied, some windows were open and some doors would be opened or closed for no reason.

Then I thought that going in at night would be cool, so I went in with V two times, once in the middle of the night and another time in the middle of the day a week later.

We went there with two of his friends and we had fun visiting the whole facility.

Unfortunately, the third time (which you’re watching right now) we were spotted by the security of this place (there are cameras facing both entrances).
While exploring I saw a black silhouette far in the building.
I didn’t really mind so we still got on the roof then while heading out, just as I opened the emergency exit door (there’s no power in the whole facility) I saw the same silhouette but way closer and with a yellow badge of the company that’s supposed to monitor the place.

I decided to turn off my camera and we ran to the other exit.

This is dedicated to L, J, and V because whynot.

That was a crazy experience and I haven’t even recorded the rest of this huge abandoned place!

PS : I maybe overdid it a little with the edit, idrk about it.

I still hope you’ll enjoy the video!

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[URBEX] Huge Abandoned Factory in Dijon – France

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