Abandoned Haunted Mansion Corfu, Greece

Abandoned Haunted Mansion – Corfu, Greece

On June 28, 2016 around 1 am EET+2 I, along with my friends Bruce & Leon (who lives in Corfu) visited an abandoned mansion. The energy coming from the old house was incredible. We decided to do an impromptu video taping of it. Excuse the background noise… Corfu was just coming off of a garbage strike and there was a garbage truck and scooper picking up the garbage around us at that time.

The house kept speaking to me! There was children who appeared to me on the top floor of the left hand side of the house and a “butler” type of person waiting for us at the gate. The house was sad. Objects have energy as well as humans. The house just wanted to be loved, but had been abandoned for around 100 years.

As you can see by this short video, I was picking up a lot about the house’s “story”. I was blessed to be able to communicate with the house and the spirits that where around it.

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Abandoned Haunted Mansion Corfu, Greece

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