Abandoned Rock Quarry-Urbex Greece-Λατομείο Κριθαριάς Βόλου

Hi to everybody! A year passed since i decided to create this channel…A BIG thank you to all that supported this channel and anyone who is going to join this channel as time goes by! I am not going to stop and i will continue as long as it gives me pleasure and beautiful moments!!! In this video i am located near the entrance of my city! For many years i was attracted by this structure wich i was watching from a distance, and if a friend of mine didn’t mention it to me, propably you wouldn’t been watching this video right now! It’s a huge industrial builduing wich makes you feel quite small as you explore it’s interior! It’s composed of 4 levels. At the first level is where the trucks were unloading their cargo from the mines. At the second level is the entrance to the main space where must have been all the heavy machinery, and also filters and airways for concentratng the dust wich was caused by the crushing of the materials. At the 3rd level there is a slide wich in fact is a ramp that was used for carrying the crashed mine extracts to the 4th level were there was the forgotten port of the factory. There the cargo was loaded on cargo ships to be carried for further processing. I think that this structure is estimated around 1970s, but with all precaution because there are not many information about this building! Anyone who knows something, please add your knowledge at the comments bellow!
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Abandoned Rock Quarry-Urbex Greece-Λατομείο Κριθαριάς Βόλου

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