Old Perithia est.1400 AD-Urbex-Άνω Περίθεια, Β Κέρκυρα, Greece

This historic ‘Heritage Protected’ village is in ‘A Designated Area of Natural Beauty’, situated on the attractive north east corner of the island, and just below Mount Pantokrator (The Almighty). It is the oldest example of the original mountain villages of Corfu. Records date back to the mid 14th century, although it is considered to have been inhabited many centuries before. Around 130 houses were built, entirely by hand, some of which have now fallen into ruins, many of which are now under restoration since the owners fo the B&B began bringing the village back to life from 2010…

The village, once inhabited by approximately 1200 people, was one of the wealthiest on the island, surrounded by vines, oak trees and thousands of sheep that roamed across the mountainside. To this day, with its cobbled streets and ancient houses, the atmosphere retains its warmth and friendliness. Encircled by eight churches and nestling beneath the island’s highest mountains, Old Peritheia is set amidst beautiful countryside with views to the sea, it was once a hideaway from Pirate attacks. Back in those days, the ‘best land’ was in the mountains and land by the sea was practically worthless and unsuitable for farming etc. That all changed when tourism began to get a foothold in the 1950s-60s, and the village population migrated to the new found wealth & jobs in tourism.
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Old Perithia est.1400 AD-Urbex-Άνω Περίθεια, Β Κέρκυρα, Greece

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