Historic cars roar into life in Hungary

AP Television
Budapest, Hungary – 7 July 2013
1. Low shot of motorcycles and crowd
2. Wide of cars and visitors
3. Various of participants in costume
4. Pan across vintage car owner Zsolt Lukacs arriving in 1923 Salmson race car
5. Mid of chief organiser Andras Noszvai holding drivers’ meeting, UPSOUND: (Hungarian) Andras Noszvai, organiser: “Forty kilometres per hour, drive safely on the steep track.”
6. Pan across Zsolt Lukacs driving his Salmson onto the track
7. Mid of chief organiser Andras Noszvai holding drivers’ meeting, UPSOUND: (Hungarian) Andras Noszvai, Event Chief Organiser: “I strongly ask everybody to pay attention to each other’s safety and don’t drive faster than 70 to 75 kilometres per hour.”
8. Mid of woman holding parasol
9. Pan across Salmson race car on track
10. SOUNDBITE: (Hungarian) Zsolt Lukacs, vintage car owner:
“Classic, cigar shape race cars are history now. When I was a small child, I used to have this car as a toy model, and then I decided that one day I will own one.”
11. Various of car on track
12. SOUNDBITE: (Hungarian) Zsolt Lukacs, vintage car owner:
“This feeling is unique in today’s world. This is not Facebook, this is not a smart phone, where you change things as you wish. This is real aluminium, this is real wood, this is real leather. And today, this is a very good feeling.”
13. Various shots of cars on banked track
14. Mid of track marshall Peter Tarapcsak talking to participant, UPSOUND: (Hungarian) Peter Tarapcsak, Marshall: “Next time, please pay more attention. This is a big car, take care! I let those go and get back to you!”
15. Various of drivers preparing to move vehicles onto track
16. Various shots from inside car, entering and driving around track
17. Wide of cars speeding past on track
18. SOUNDBITE: (Hungarian) Peter Tarapcsak, Track Marshall:
“This is a very old race track. It got its final shape in 1928, and that was the last time when the bicycle world championship was held here. It was rebuilt in 1977 and since then nothing happened. As you see it’s not in the best shape. Nobody takes care of it anymore. But, as we say, this is what we have.”
19. Various of cars passing on track
20. SOUNDBITE: (Hungarian) Peter Tarapcsak, Track Marshall:
“First I visited this place when I was one year old. My father started to compete here in 1954 as a bicycle racer. I’m a true lover of this track.”
21. Various shots of chief organiser Andras Noszvai
22. SOUNDBITE: (Hungarian) Andras Noszvai, Event chief organiser:
“We are in an unknown place in the centre of the city. This place is a big surprise for the visitors as an architecture and a track which are still usable. Here people are not only looking at cars on display, they can see them moving, they hear the noise of the engines. Here not only car owners, but visitors can dress up too.”
23. Wide of a man dressed up in traditional clothes starting his classic Danuvia motorcycle
24. Close-up of horn being pressed
25. Close-up of bell
26. Pan across man moving off on bike
27. Low shot of man sat behind motorbike
28. Mid of woman
29. Mid of man sat on motorbike
30. Wide of bikes passing on track
31. Low shot of motorbike
32. Mid of man dressed in purple clothing taking pictures
33. Mid of woman applying make up
34. Various of students from Budapest photographic school taking pictures
35. SOUNDBITE: (Hungarian) Csaba Csikszenthy, Head of the Digitalis Fototanfolyam photographic school:
“We are having a great time here. The mood is really good. This is not only for photography, we are here to have some fun too.”
36. Wide of photography students next to track
37. SOUNDBITE: (Hungarian) Csaba Csikszenthy, Head of the Digitalis Fototanfolyam photographic school:
38. Various of participants

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Historic cars roar into life in Hungary

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