AMAZING Irish Castles

Today we’re focusing on Ireland, the island of lush, rolling green hills, fiery redheads and turbulent times. It’s absolutely full of castles so we decided what better way to learn a little bit more about the interesting country than through some of it’s coolest, oldest structures.

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5. Doonagore

This castle was built overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the village of Doolin in County Clare. The O’Brien dynastyowned it for a time until it was handed over the the British Crown before it fell to the Clancy family. When a ship of the Spanish Armada wrecked on the near the village, the High Sheriff of the county, Boetius Clancy had all 170 survivors captured and hanged at the castle.

4. Bunratty

King Henry the third of England first had control of Bunratty before giving it to the de Clare’s a family of Norman Lords. When several members of the De Clare’s were killed the old castle fell into disrepair and eventually crumbled, no traces of it remain today. The current structure was built by the MacNamara family, another prominent group in the area in the 1400’s. The powerful O’Brien clan attacked the Castle several times throughout it’s history and would eventually take over for a time around the year 1500.

3. Dough Castle

The O’Connor’s, a prominent Aristocratic Catholic Family in Ireland, built Dough Castle in the early 1300’s in County Clare. Nothing remains of this original structure and, thanks to the fact the the land it rests on is sand the castle collapsed and was rebuilt several times. Today only ruins of the once grand castle remain.

2. Newtown

This Castle was built in 1550 for the powerful and ever present O’Brien clan. Eventually it was passed into the possession of one of the area’s most powerful clans, the O’Lochlainn family. It’s one of the few round tower houses in all of Ireland. It was restored in the early 1990’s for use by the Burren College of Art. Today it’s available as a venue for weddings and conferences and is open to the public on weekdays.

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1. Trim Castle

Plenty of people have been impressed by this, the largest Norman castle in the country over the years. Mel Gibson was so in awe, that he used it in the filming of Braveheart. The castle, which is located in County Meath was used as a center of Norman administration by King Henry the second of England in the 12th Century. In 1172 Hugh de Lacy an Anglo-Norman landowner and office holder took possession of it and turned it into the 30,000 square meter masterpiece that has endured to this day. It’s open to the public for an admittance fee.

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AMAZING Irish Castles

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