Ashford Castle – No 1 Spa In Ireland

Ashford Castle Spa 10/10
Price – 536 GBP for the day / $911 CAD

The castle maybe 800 years old but this spa is brand spanking new! A mere $75 million was spent on the castles recent renovation in 2013 when the hotel was added to the Red Carnation collection. The spa is a spectacular piece of architecture with its bronze conservatory designed by French architect Phillip Bonino, and its hand tiled mosaic of the Tree of Life in the pool and relaxation room. The treatment rooms are a pale great with cream colors​ and are adorned with Rose and Quartz Crystals. When you lay down for your message you will be greeted by a bowl of large and beautiful Rose Crystals. I opted for my usual scrub with oil treatment, massage, head massage, and reflexology. Why do I always get the same treatments? Because the combo I go for is the ultimate detoxification for the body. Starting with a scrub will release all of the bodies dead skin, which is riddled with toxins because the skin in the body largest organ and the majority of your toxins are released in this manner. Removing the skin also allows the body to fully absorb any of the wonderful products being used during your treatment. Next, I always get a massage because it is a fantastic way to drain the lymph system. A sluggish lymph system is worse than a bad metabolism. The lymph system is also the same system that helps circulate energy through the body and you all know how concerned I am about my energy flow. I don’t like Mohave any energy build up, become stagnant or get stuck. Regular massage ensures my chakras and meridian systems are spinning and flowing property. Next, because I can’t individually work on each organ at the spa, reflexology is the next best thing. Reflexology dates back to 4000 B.C.E… yup it is that ancient and we all know the ancient civilizations knew more about health than we do today. If you are smart you will ditch the western medical paradigms and beliefs (which is sick care, not health care. Health care would be preventative care.) and focus in on the Chinese, Egyptian and Indian ancient medicines. Each organ in your body has an associate spot in the foot. By properly massaging the foot, you can effectively detox/drain or cleanse each organ! Fascinating isn’t it? Lastly, because I have been actively working to regrow my hair since it fell out 2 years ago from being sick, I always get a head massage. Benefits of head massages include; hair growth, headache prevention, renews energy in the body and boosts mood while reducing anxiety.

VOYA Products – How could I not! They told me they were Natural, Organic and made Local? They hooked me. So I bought the whole line. I am a product junkie!

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Ashford Castle – No 1 Spa In Ireland

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