Crackhead at Circle K Nevin in Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland.

This was just after I had to try to get my phone back from a guy who was apparently addicted to something and attempted to steal from me after I gave him 3.50 in change so he could get a taxi or bus. He had asked to use my phone to call for a ride, and I felt bad for him so I let him use it, that’s when he started running and I had to chase him and get it back.

That’s when he started swinging at me and I didn’t want to fight so I basically wrestled him to the ground and removed it from his hands.

I was too tired to stand after I took this video but I walked about a quarter mile down the road and collapsed in someone’s front yard, out of view from that guy or anyone. I did not attempt to harm him because I did not believe he was a threat. I only tried to retrieve my phone.

When I laid down, I started to get a headache that was so painful that I couldn’t do anything but lay there for about 30 minutes. When I tried to stand up, the pain from the headache would grow and I had to lay back down again. I had to lay on my back, because laying on my side somehow made the headache worse. This is the first physical altercation or fight I have had with anyone in Ireland. I have lived in Ireland since January 8th, 2016.

Also, you should avoid this guy because he stabs random people with hypodermic needles and steals phones. I have reported him to police. He lives in or around Ballymun in Dublin, Ireland but I heard him tell someone that he was “living on the streets” to try to get them to give him money.

I think he’s about 30 years old, around 6 feet tall, very skinny and strung out on drugs, a very violent and threatening person who should not be allowed to walk freely in society because of his actions.

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Crackhead at Circle K Nevin in Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland.

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