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Grangemore House
The Ghost Stories
Many believe parts of this house are built from child’s Gravestones as the Man who built this house ran out of money he used the stone from the graves nearby.

Legend has it a headless horseman roams the ground of Grangemore many people have claimed to see this apparition.

The Devil is said to have appeared beside one of the many fireplaces in the huge stately home.

Many believe the house to be cursed because of how is was built , many family members of the original owner died young.

Strange mists noises with no explanation, ghostly singing and voices are all known to have been seen or heard here, the apparition of a woman has been seen floating across the now non existent second floor also a dark shadow lurks in the corners of the cellar . Nobody has lasted the night in Grangemore , would you let me know in the comments

The history

By 1811-12 John Fetherston had a new house built at Grangemore.  It was stone, of three storeys and in a late Georgian style.  It is not clear who his architect was, nor who lived in the new mansion with him.  He is supposed to have spent more than £10,000 on the house and its out-offices.  The mansion was large enough to contain 13 bedrooms.  Externally it was certainly restrained but sober and impressive too.  John’s neice Jane Briscoe of Riverdale and her husband Humphrey Bor of Ballindolan in co. Kildare were clearly delighted with it.  In 1822  Bor had a new house built at Ballindolan (still lived in by his descendants)*** to the same design!  On 29th June 1829, John died and his nephew and executor Edward Briscoe (b. 1799) took over the Grangemore estate with the house and all its furniture. 

The Briscoes were from the much intermarried co. Westmeath gentry of this time.  They claimed descent from John Briscoe who had been A.D.C. to General Coote and fought in Queen Elizabeth I’s army against Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone in the Nine Years War in Ulster.  In their pedigree ‘Briscoe of Riverdale and Screggan’ in Burke’s Landed Gentry of Ireland (1904) the family claimed that John was a Briscoe of Crofton Hall in Cumberland.  He seems to have married Eleanor Kearney of Scraghe Castle near Tullamore.  The new owner’s father, Edward John Briscoe (1770-1815) had married Frances the daughter of Thomas Fetherstonhaugh of Bracklyn Castle.  

       Despite his family’s long experience of Ireland, Edward Briscoe’s tenure of Grangemore was a fraught affair.  He had married Hester Rynd, daughter of James Rynd of Derryvolan co. Fermanagh and Ryndville co. Meath in 1828.  Their families had known each other for at least ten years.  Edward’s elder brother, William Thomas Briscoe of Riverdale (1792-1854) had married Hester’s elder sister Maria Elizabeth in 1818.  The closeness of the families is shown in a newspaper article of September 8th 1832.  A week previously a large mob had warned the labourers on the Ryndville estate not to cut the corn “on pain of death”.  Edward Briscoe responded to this by bringing in 300 labourers and 150 horsed carts himself.  He had all the ripened corn cut and brought in that day while Chief Constable Bagge kept watch at the scene with forty police.  In 1833 Edward served as High Sheriff of co. Westmeath.  He was clearly living dangerously because on 22nd April 1834 four men shot at him from a hole in a hedge while he rode up the avenue at Grangemore with his brother James.  This incident seems to have influenced Marquis Wellesley the Viceroy of Ireland’s decision to proclaim the four Baronies of Farbil, Devlin, Moyashel and Magheradernon in co. Westmeath under the Disturbances (Ireland) Act of 1834 on 4th May.  

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Grangemore House Raharney Ireland Paranormal Resident

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