The Pilgrim Virgin Statue Comes to Ireland

Our volunteers from Ireland are among the most dedicated in Our Lady’s Apostolate. Joseph O’Connell and others worked tirelessly in Rome during the Synod on Youth, processing with Our Lady’s Statue, praying the Rosary, passing out literature and standing for immemorial truth. When they left to return to Ireland, they did so carrying a precious cargo with them: a statue of Our Lady that will appear in all public events of the apostolate in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The effect of the Pilgrim Virgin on the minds and hearts of those who see Her beautiful image raised aloft is powerful indeed, as many testimonies prove. So, thanks and congratulations to our Irish brothers and sisters, who work so tirelessly for Our Lady’s final victory.

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Our founder, Father Nicholas Gruner, described the purpose of Our Lady’s Apostolate: “Our mission is to ensure that the entire Message of Fatima is fully known, accurately understood, and deeply appreciated so that it may be followed by all.”

The Fatima Center has been faithful to this mission for 39 years now. Our Lady made it clear that the Message of Fatima is the ONLY solution to the crisis in the Church and the world.

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The Pilgrim Virgin Statue Comes to Ireland

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