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00:00:13 1 History
00:00:22 1.1 Early development
00:01:47 1.2 19th century
00:04:47 1.2.1 Steel industry families
00:06:46 1.3 Turn of the century: German influence and vertical integration
00:09:57 2 World War I and inter-war period
00:17:05 3 World War II
00:19:27 3.1 Wartime production
00:20:46 4 European integration and post-war boom
00:23:19 5 Steel crisis and re-orientation
00:24:18 5.1 Luxembourg’s social model
00:27:21 5.2 Improving prospects
00:29:04 6 Arcelor and Mittal Steel
00:30:09 7 See also
00:30:31 8 Notes and references
00:30:41 9 Bibliography
00:31:45 10 Further reading
00:32:14 11 External links

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In the industrial sector, the Luxembourg steel industry continues to occupy the first place in the country, even after the industrial reforms which have taken place since the 1960s.

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Steel industry in Luxembourg | Wikipedia audio article

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