Ghost hunting in Malta .Episode 2

I have a PHOTO of a ghost.
I was at a theatre watching rock band. I was taking photos using SLR film camera (not digital) using 1000 film.
I was taking photo after photo, with 36 exposures on the roll.
The camera took 36 photos, then the spool stopped rolling = end of film.
I took the film out of the camera, loaded another roll, took 36 more photos.
Next morning, took the rolls of film to be developed, and there was only ONE frame on both rolls. My camera had jammed, but had seemed to be working perfectly.
Then the man at the photo developing store showed me the 2 single photos from each roll of film= 36 photos exposed in one frame.
And there was a photo of a little girl about 7 standing on stage with the band.
I went back to the theatre, and showed the guys in the band (I was travelling with them), they thought the photo was super freaky, but the theatre manager overheard us talking and asked to see the photo of the girl.

then he showed us a newspaper story from about 50 years before.
The theatre where the concert was had been a condemned building and had been restored.
While it was condemned three children broke in to play in the building and a little girl climbed up into the lighting grid which then collapsed and she fell from the roof into the orchestra pit and died.
the little girl in my photo matches the newspaper photo of the girl.

and, my camera worked perfectly the next time I used it and I’ve never had a problem with it since.
Maybe you should try taking single frame exposures…
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Ghost hunting in Malta .Episode 2

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