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Malta Street Art – Marsaxlokk – Artist James Micallef Grimaud a.k.a Twitch , Twitchcraft creates a mural in the small fishing village of Marsaxlokk , Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea . Mural portrays an apocalyptic scene where natural sea life has been depleted due to the pollution and fishermen pull up fish carcasses in Marsaxlokk –

HUGE THANKS for the music samples taken from songs by
Sound Dalmatian mandolin – “fishermen”

Mr.Scruff – “FISH” 0:51

More of Twitch ‘s works can be seen on

More info on the scenic island of Malta and Marsaxlokk can be seen here

This video was filmed in Marsaxlokk
One of the greatest things about the location of this mural was meeting up with the fishermen and listening to their stories.

spraycans used in the video are montana 94

Behind the scenes stories of the Marsaxlokk mural:
The mural is in a very sketchy area with a drop of 3 floors on one side and another drop of 2 storeys on the other side so i painted a line to remind me of the danger and not move to back when looking at the whole work. On the last day of painting an old man started calling me from the street so i waved back. I thought he was just showing some love for the mural but then i realized he kept shouting so i switched off the music to check what was up. The guy told me that the roof i was on was his and that it had no structural support and could cave in at any time. I suddenly stepped on the accelerator and like a gazelle on speed, worked my way through the mural.

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STREET ART in – MALTA – Marsaxlokk – TWITCH

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